The Full Circle

The Full Circle

Home….back to where all the day dreaming began only now with 4 months of epic tales to tell family and friends and the chance to start a new adventure. this space, literally.


Rooftop With A Pool

Rooftop With A Pool

Hungover, emotional and tired. This was how the last morning was spent soaking up some last rays by my hotel rooftop pool on the Rambuttri Road and thinking about the last 4 months. This Rambuttri Village Inn is a lovely balance of a little bit of luxury but not at western prices and still so close to the Koh San action, the breakkie is fab and the staff are helpful

The Last Drinks

The Last Drinks

Meeting friends so close to home time really takes the edge off ‘home time’ thoughts, that is until the fear sets in the next day and its all 10 times worse!!! Katy (left) and I met in Bangkok 2 months ago for 30 minutes, we bumped into each other in Hoi An, Vietnam and since then have shared a lot of places and great times, its tough saying goodbyes but its only for now.

Sneaking Off From Class

Whilst a demo is going on I grabbed a chance to blog about Mai Kaidee Cooking School so far. If you could only have tasted the humous and Massaman Curry…..before I ate it all!! Only a stones throw from the Koh San Road there’s no reason why you can’t get your chops round this place they do every type of course from 2 hours to full days

Mai Kaidee Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking School

Mai Kaidee Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking School

Pictured with Parn my cooking expert for the day and all round fellow messer! We’re holding 2 of 12 veggie dishes I packed into a 4 hour lesson…yes I said 12. Including chilli pastes, currys,papaya salad, pumpkin humous and sticky rice pudding each one not only simple to make but, fresh and bustling with flavour not to mention all traditionally Thai!