The Thailand Affect

Sitting in Bangkok airport waiting to board my flight to Sydney, im sat staring at a Christmas Tree suddenly realising how Christmas has just managed to slither past me mostly unnoticed. The moments of realisation were followed quickly by an ironic laugh about how heat and Christmas, for me,just dont marry!

With a tofu beansprout stir fry under my belt I know ill miss Thailand.

Things I hadnt anticipated; the ease for vegetarians, the metropolitan nature of this well traveled country, how youre really never alone. There isnt as many Irish here as I had thought, how quick id become accustom to at least 1 beer everyday! How white I was before I left home! How much a challenge a PADI Licence could be. 

Things I should have known; being on your guard is one thing but people will only really help you when youre smiling and warm. Thai Taxi drivers are selective about taking you places and dont like the ‘meter please!’ Rule. That spending time alone as a solo traveller really is something brilliant and to be cherished. How quick and easy it is to make friends with fellow travellers, every conversation with a curious tourist and the company spent with them, some times only for minutes, is always uplifting and an eye opener. 

So long Thailand,although I will pass through again,and goodbye Christmas 2013. ….Image


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